Carton fair 3.1-G24YIWU FAIR A1-D36 37
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  • KXF-18-5


- Easy to use, safe and efficient. Easy starting, smooth and reliable operation, good continuous operation performance, low noise, lightweight starter, high reliability, comfortable back pack working, high efficiency spraying and uniform spraying;

- Good sealing, corrosion resistant parts and long service life;

- Thin spraying liquid droplet, blowing the leaves by wind so that both sides of the leaves can have pesticides; therefore high concentration can be used, small spray volume, saving pesticides and water;

- Mainly suitable for pest control work of large area agriculture, chemical weed control in the field; city health and epidemic prevention; eradication of storage pests, eradication livestock ectoparasites;


Technical Parameters

Item No. Tank Power Rated Power/
Displacement N.W Dimension Qty-20'/40'
KXF-18-5 16L 1E40FP 1.18KW/5000R 50.3cc 10.5kg 500*400*690mm 190/480ctns
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