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  • KXF-3


XF-3machine has plastic structure, is characterized by light weight, corrosion resistance, comfort backpack operation; the machine adopts unique structure design, the parts contacting with the pharmacy are made of corrosion-resistant reinforced plastic or stainless steel, avoiding corrosion, the service life has been prolonged.

- Large medicine kit, easy to add pesticides, timely bagged the pesticides can be poured directly into kit.

- Larger-sized lower rack part, low center of gravity, good stability.

- The engine is kick starting, easy operation, high-temperature parts have protective equipment, safe use.

- The junction of the big hose and the fan housing is of rotary structure, easy to operate, long service life of the hose. - lightweight, flexible, high-efficiency, suitable for large area operation, such as cotton, wheat, rice, fruit trees and other agricultural and forestry crops pest control.

- It can also be used for chemical weed control, health and epidemic prevention in urban and rural areas, spraying particles chemistry, particle pesticides; applying to be used in mountain, hilly terrain and scattered plots.


Technical Parameters

Item No. Tank Power Rated Power/
Displacement N.W Dimension Qty-20'/40'
KXF-3 14L 40FP-3Z 1.83KW/6500R 41.5cc 10kg 500*400*705mm 200/500ctns
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